Rudolf and Rebecca vonBachelle inducted as newest members!
At a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset Rudolf and Rebecca von Bachelle were inducted as the club’s newest members.   Rudolf and Rebecca were inducted into the club by Past Assistant District Governor Wendy Hornack and they were sponsored by Past President Mariko Higashi.
Rudolf von Bachelle grew up in Hannover (Germany) and moved to Zurich (Switzerland). He graduated with a major in economics at the Zurich University and started his own software Company. It was just the right time for his rather new field and the company grew to an international enterprise, focusing on the financial market.  Rudolf has always been involved in leadership and community development activities, mostly with the Junior Chamber of Commerce, where he served as World Vice President and president of the European JCI Senate.
Rudolf is married to Rebecca and they have two very successful children, Jessica and Patrick. 
He enjoys participating in tennis, golf and alpine skiing.
Rebecca von BachellĂ© was born in Miami (Florida) grew up in Caracas  (Venezuela) until the age of 8. Her parents moved to Paris, Milan, and Lugano, and this helped her establish her knowledge of five languages.  She pursed her studies at the American University in Washington D.C. and graduated with an M.A. in International Relations. She married Rudolf in 1978 and became involved in various community development projects. She was appointed as representative to the United Nations in Geneva for the International Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCI).  Rebecca worked for the FIFA (International Football Federation) in Zurich in the sales department.  She is presently special assistant during auction sessions in a large Auction House in Zurich. She enjoys sports, like golf, yoga, swimming, alpine skiing and pursuing cultural activities.
Rudolf and Rebecca have been visiting the island of Maui for more than 25 years, before moving into the Masters in 2015. Both new members are eager to get involved and integrated into a nice circle of friends and have fun.